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If you are planning to organize an unforgettable Swiss folkloric evening, whether for a wedding, office celebration, birthday party, festival, concert or other, then search no longer:  the Echo du Signal de Bernex, a band of 3 to 20 musicians, is just what you are looking for. 

A band of non-professional musicians
L'Echo du Signal de Bernex (Geneva Canton), a "Schwyzerörgeli" Big Band,
voiced its first harmony in 1988. Musicians all originate from the Bernex Music School directed by Judith Zieri.

Music repertoire 
Traditional folkloric Swiss music is the main repertoire of the Echo du Signal de Bernex.

Music for fun and entertainment
L’Echo du Signal de Bernex performs at many events such as Federal Popular Music Festivals, radio broadcasts i.e. “Boîte à Musique” of the TSR or the “Kiosk à Musique” (RSR), etc.

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30 ans du Château de Duillier
Petite formation

Fête fédérale 2015
Gande formation

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