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In the 70’s, a new movement originated in the Canton of Bern for the promotion of the Schwyzerörgeli which spread throughout Switzerland. It was perfect timing for the Bernex (GE) music school to make a strong commitment to popular music and to hire a “schwytzoise” teacher.

This is how it started, with Hans Bosshard giving lessons and in the aftermath, setting up a big musical formation, “L’Echo du Signal”. 

Through private courses, musical weeks and events, he successfully developed the school and promoted the band until 1999 when Judith Zieri, an exceptionally gifted student, took over as his successor. Since then, Judith, with all her energy, enthusiasm and fantasy, relentlessly instills to both children and adults alike the joys of playing folkloric music and of sharing that pleasure in public performances.

1er Août 2016

A bit of history: from the School of Bernex to the « Echo du Signal »

September 1st 1988 marks the official debut of the 1988/1989 classes, with 12 students at the start, which grew to 16 by the end of the season. During the years that followed, the number of musicians remained stable: between 20 and 25 per year.
In July 1989, Hans Bosshard organized a week’s internship for the accordionists and their partners. And for the thirty or so enthusiasts that gathered to study at Kemmeriboden-Bad, it was an unforgettable musical week indeed.


With such a success for this “Schwyzois holiday-study” the experience was repeated in 1990 in Schwanden/Sigriswil and in 1993 in Saas-Fe. And what a memorable week that was, in this small Valais village with round the clock entertainment and a traditional mountain hike organized by Sepp Trütsh for Radio Eviva. The musicians followed the hikers with their accordions and double-bass, and offered them a concert dinner following a few stops in the neighboring alpine chalets.
In 1990, Hans Bosshard decided to create a section within the group of more advanced players, thus offering to those students having reached a good playing level, the opportunity to perform in public. And so was born the “Echo du Signal”, the “Signal” being the name of the culminating point on the commune of Bernex.
The « Echo du Signal » then further took part in the jubilee of the Cartigny/GE  dancers, in transhumance festivities (St-Cergue, Annecy), the Fêtes de Genève, the Kiosque à Musiques of the Radio Suisse Romande, and many more.
The “Echo du Signal” was regularly invited to perform in folkloric events, popular festivals, weddings, jodler clubs, parades… and for the annual evening celebration of the Bernex Music School.

 In 1999, Hans Bosshart, after all these years of teaching, passed the chair to Judith Zieri who joyfully, and enthusiastically, took over.  

Judith, directrice de la formation, et Frédéric, notre contre bassiste

L'Echo du Signal de Bernex 2003

In July 2000, Judith organized a one week internship at the Lac Noir  in Fribourg. It was a remarkable event for accordionists and double-bass players alike, as both could count on highly qualified teachers. And for those who accompanied the musicians, it was a very rainy week, but a most pleasurable one nevertheless!
In September 2000, our musicians had the privilege to take part in the International Folkloric Festival which was held in Pekin. Their trip to China was a resounding success, in particular with “Peter and Heidi”.
In July 2001, a musical week was held for the second time at the  Lac Noir which culminated with the recording of a CD. This CD was presented to Radio Beo.
Highlights of the following years included the « Fête romande des yodleurs» in Carouge/GE, in June 2003, a third musical week at the Lac Noir that same summer, the « Fête Fédérale de Musique Populaire »  in Bulle and in September 2003, a musical  internship in Davos.

L'Echo du Signal de Bernex 2006

This was followed in 2007 by the 4th musical festival of popular and traditional music and the Federal Festival of Folkloric Music in Stans.

Fête Fédérale de Stans 2007

In 2008, to mark the 20th anniversary of the Group, the Echo du Signal recorded a second CD which you can purchase on various online stores (see the “Media” section)

2013 was a landmark year for the band which welcomed, alongside the Commune of Bernex,  the "Rencontre Fédérale des Grandes Formations" (Federal Gathering of Folkloric Big Bands) (ELGF2013)

Federal festivals are unmissable appointments for friends of Swiss popular music and the Echo Signal of Bernex answers the call on each occasion.

Fête Fédérale de Aarau 2015

ELGF 2017 de Wattwil, Toggenburg

Every year, The Echo du Signal welcomes new comers and expands its repertoire. With a 30th Anniversary coming up soon, a new CD is in the books.

You can also find our latest news on our Facebook page, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to hire the band, or simply need additional information

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